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We produce solutions,
not just paper.

While every one of our solutions is unique to the client, we are always guided by the same established principles. These are the key to our own success—and ultimately that of our clients. Firstly, we always get straight to the point, directly addressing the real issues. Secondly, we ensure the best possible results and protect our clients’ interests by applying the combined expertise of our interdisciplinary team and our wider network of specialists.


All our projects are subject to strict quality assurance, which is always conducted by an experienced partner and additional managers if required. This enables us to minimize any risks, tap into the firm’s expertise for the benefit of clients, reduce cycle times, and increase quality.

Open communication

We communicate openly and raise issues proactively.

Back to normal business significantly faster

We are constantly looking for faster and more efficient ways of achieving high-quality, sustainable solutions. By leveraging our team-based approach and quality assurance tools, we aim to stabilize the situation in the client organization as quickly as possible.

Safeguarding your interests

We act in our client’s interests at all times, i.e. the firm, company or group and not necessarily in the interests of their representatives or employees. We communicate openly if we believe that individuals or specific stakeholders are part of the problem and not the solution.

Interim means interim

We come when we are needed and leave when our mission has been completed and the client’s business is back on an even keel. Handing back responsibility is something we plan for from the day we are engaged.


We say what we do and also what we don’t do. We focus on the key issues from the very beginning.


When you engage demps & partner, you get demps & partner. We don’t use freelance service providers/managers. We are not an intermediary or agency. Every manager and partner is committed to our principles and fully covered by our quality assurance measures.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

If we see any risk of a conflict of interests arising within our organization or through its actions, we immediately document the risk and flag it.