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We exert real leverage
to get things moving.

Our managers have a minimum of 15 years’ experience in C-level roles (CFO, CRO, CEO). We achieve success with and for our clients because of our strength in managing and leading companies and projects, including and specifically in exceptional situations. By drawing on our full range of expertise and resources, we maximize our effectiveness.

At the heart of the action rather than in a conference room

Working closely with our clients and above all in their environment enables us to collect information at source, make connections, understand the context, expose hidden problems and address root causes. We are part of our clients’ leadership team – embedded in the organization and invested with the necessary authority to bring about changes.


Strategy, planning, and quality assurance are monitored throughout the entire project with the aid of shadow management and a steering team of demps & partner experts. This ensures access at all times to the firm’s full expertise and contact network.


Applying demps & partner best practice solutions helps to achieve a defined result more quickly and effectively:

  • Integrated corporate planning and consolidation
  • Liquidity planning and treasury management
  • Review and optimization of the finance department, covering employees, systems, and processes
  • Database with lessons learned from previous projects and the various actions taken to reduce costs, restructure, and recapitalize
  • Financing plans and proven network of financing partners
  • Due diligence and data room strategies
  • Internationalization strategies
  • Communication strategies for change situations

Decades of national and international experience

We have international experience. Our managers have implemented projects in more than 30 countries and go (almost) anywhere. If required, we are available at short notice to assist foreign subsidiaries.

The partners and managers at demps & partner include qualified professionals (attorneys). While these professionals will under no circumstances provide the associated services via demps & partner, the ongoing ability to access this expertise and our experience are among the success factors that underpin our high quality standards.

We welcome the challenges others can’t crack.

If our financial review reveals that current business challenges are due to underlying issues, a CFO or CRO from demps & partner will bring in the relevant expertise from the House of CFO. Use the link below to explore our current skillset.

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