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Transparency and control over all business expenses.

With Coupa, you gain visibility into the procurement process within weeks, independent of existing ERP systems. The cloud-based Business Spend Management (BSM) platform offers powerful solutions tailored to your company's needs and user experiences like you know from amazon.

This accelerates business processes in the company by unifying processes around travel expense management, purchasing, accounting and related "source-to-settle" areas.

demps & partner relieves your company management and prepares your company for the introduction of coupa. When dp takes over the transformation management, you not only gain speed in the implementation, but also efficiency in the system. Our purchasing experts quickly find out where the shoe pinches and decide for the customer in the selection of the required modules.

Why do we rely on Coupa at demps & partner?

  • Because by using dashboards, pain points of your company become visible - in the material group, in the processes, or at the supplier.
  • Through benchmarks you can immediately see where your company stands in comparison to your market competitors and where you need to start in order to quickly bring about improvements.
  • Measures that have been introduced can be targeted and subsequently measured via reporting.


Spend transparency and control


Optimization of the financial situation (expenses, payments and liquidity)

Supply Chain

Smarter and faster supply chain decisions


Easy connection to existing ERP systems and intuitive control

demps & partner services:

  • Proprietary project management and quality assurance tools
  • Team solutions for larger and extensive transformation projects
  • Implementation and training of all Coupa modules through
  • Outsourcing Services / Consolidation as a Service
  • Optimize Business Spend Management.
  • First Level Support

Coupa modules at a glance

Visibility and control

Management of suppliers and risks

Margin impact

Increase agility

Performance features

Integration of all types of users

Minimal training required due to ease of use

Control over processes

Performance features

Transparency and control of suppliers

Recognition of emerging risks

Finding and efficiently integrating new suppliers

Performance features

Maximize savings through a comprehensive approach

Gain efficiencies with integrated KPIs and benchmarks

Leverage community purchasing

Performance features

Holistic management of S2P, supply chain and treasury

Transparency about current and future obligations

Flexibility with external partners

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