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Our check-up for your business: Financial Excellence Review.

dp is not only short for demps & partner, it also stands for different perspectives. Our baseline Financial Excellence Review involves examining your company from many different angles, regardless of your current situation or the specific task at hand. Within three days, our experts compile a general assessment of the financial health of your company. We use that assessment to identify the reasons for any current difficulties and also the potential for future development. Working with you, we then create a project plan and define the necessary actions.

dp | FER – how it works

Using a multi-stage process, two of our partners will examine the financial health of your business. As part of that process, they assess the specific capabilities of the relevant decision-makers and managers. They will also determine your current financial situation by requesting a standardized set of key documents from your management team. After reviewing and analyzing the initial findings, our CFOs will usually spend two days on-site to interview your senior management and decision-makers.

Addressing the root causes

If additional issues arise while preparing the project plan, the demps & partner manager can bring in relevant expertise from the House of CFO. In addition to finance, our skillset includes consolidation and integrated planning, SCM, legal tech, HR tech, and marketing & communications. You thus benefit from quick and easy access to the expertise you need—all from a single source. Thanks to advanced cost management, in many cases we can even find the budget for the planned digitization projects.

Our white paper on dp | FER (in German only)

Getting it right from the start: Financial Excellence Review

Is it time for a different perspective on your company’s financial health? Then get it right from the start and request our free white paper on the demps & partner Financial Excellence Review.

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