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A strong network
for new perspectives.

dp | Network is a broad and innovative alliance of managers, partners, alumni, experts, and clients. From your very first assignment until you ultimately become a partner, our exclusive network offers numerous opportunities to work with demps & partner. With the House of CFO, we have created a new and agile form of organization that lets you apply your skills in specific client projects. This inherent flexibility also enables innovative solutions for our clients. 

dp | Network – connect and more

In our exclusive network, you can connect with other experts in a wide variety of fields and share your knowledge and ideas. We also use the network to advertise new assignments—giving you regular opportunities to be part of our best practice solutions. In short, the dp | Network is not only a way to connect, it also provides insights into the way we work as well as new perspectives on the role your specialist field plays in enterprise-wide processes. 

A second career – among partners.

The dp | Network also provides a path to a management position at demps & partner, where you will be assigned major responsibilities and leadership roles within our project companies. Accordingly, we offer both new opportunities and security for your career. As an executive, you will need to make your own decisions on-site but also remain in constant contact with our partners. The close connections within the network provide a view of the bigger picture and enable you to constantly discover new perspectives on familiar processes.

Having proven yourself as a manager who can work within a team and resolve conflicts, who is co-entrepreneurial, has role-model skills, and can lead other people in challenging situations, we will consider inviting you to become a partner. When you make the transition, you will find another close-knit team. Supporting you with decades of experience and expertise, we will introduce you to exciting new challenges and help you find innovative solutions.

Connect with your future

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the dp | Network. Reach out to us on XING or LinkedIn to become part of our exclusive network.

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