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Well equipped for every situation.

Whatever your company’s development phase or situation, we provide personalized, needs-based solutions. All our executives are seasoned C-level professionals, and we have a wealth of experience acquired over many years across the finance sector. By leveraging this combined expertise, we help our clients overcome their specific challenges and achieve lasting success.

After having completed a detailed Financial Excellence Review, our executive team will develop and plan the appropriate measures and, if required, assign our own management personnel to handle on-site execution. If the situation calls for it, we can also provide executives for board-level positions. Our managers are deployed wherever an interim CFO is required, e.g., when restructuring a private equity investment or acquiring and selling a company or business unit.

dp | client and skill fit – a manager for every challenge

Turnarounds typically require a different type of manager than acquisitions, disposals, or PMI. There are also important differences between established management teams and startups. With dp | client and skill fit, we match your specific requirements to the hard and soft skillsets of our partners and managers. This creates a solid basis for the operational success of our collaboration before it even begins. While working with your company, we also support projects via internal and external steering.

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