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Put bloated HR processes on a digital diet.

Startup HR

Startups in particular need guidelines for staff in the form of a company handbook. This should cover a range of topics, including your company’s vision, culture, and internal communication policy. The latter aspect is particularly important because seemingly minor errors in employee communication may lead to major problems as your business grows—problems that can often only be corrected at significant cost in terms of time, budgets, and working relationships.

dp | HR Tech – benefits:

  • Greater transparency in staff management
  • Early identification of future HR needs
  • Simplified drafting of employment contracts or reports
  • Support for change in your HR department
  • Rapid access to modern recruiting methods

Meet our HR Tech expert

Rudolf Kutschker, Manager

Rudolf Kutschker is a highly valued expert in all aspects of digital HR solutions—from initial selection through to implementation of the latest HR technologies.

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