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Match your messaging to your action.

Marketing and communications have a direct impact on your core business activities. For this reason alone, we believe the marketing department is crucial in supporting the CFO role. Whenever your CFO implements new measures, we ensure appropriate internal and external messaging. If necessary, we can even provide suitable talent for the roles of Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Communication Officer, and Chief Growth Manager.

Having completed numerous projects over many years, we have developed our own best practices across a diverse range of situations. Our extensive experience includes automation projects, acquisitions and disposals, transfers of operations, restructuring of corporate communications and marketing, and CEO coaching in challenging business scenarios.

Benefits of our Marketing & Communications solutions:

  • Marketing and communications as an integral part of the financial organization
  • Measurable, controllable, and predictable results
  • Internal and external messaging to match all CFO measures

Meet our marketing & communications expert

Martin Kunze, Partner, Chief Growth Officer

With a 30-year career in the media industry, Martin Kunze has a wealth of expertise in communications and digital technology. He was among the first to recognize the value of emerging digital channels.

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