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Procurement is key to profitability – if you get it right.

The success of your business is largely dependent on the transparency and efficiency of your supply chain. Professional supply chain management requires exhaustive documentation of your order and production processes. This is a vital prerequisite for obtaining fast, accurate answers to the all-important question of what your company can currently afford. Our SCM experts will create a sustainable procurement strategy that eliminates hidden cost drivers and potential risks.

Strategic sounding board and integrator

If necessary, demps & partner can also implement the strategy for you. Our executives will work within your company, restructuring your procurement function and aligning it with your actual value chain. To do that, they examine a range of aspects, including tendering criteria for your products, your relationships with suppliers and customers, your QA standards, your purchasing conditions and their impact on your own services, your backup strategies for critical products, plus all your legal safeguards.

Benefits of our SCM expertise

  • Create transparency and efficiency through clear definition of purpose, required quality, and tendering criteria for your procurement activities
  • Backup strategy in case you lose a supplier
  • Clear contractual rules for procurement
  • Viable financing conditions for your business

Meet our SCM expert

Wolfgang Schenk, Partner

Wolfgang Schenk specializes in large-scale restructuring and reorganization projects as well as post-merger integration. The companies he assists all have one thing in common: SCM is central to their business.

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