When Controlling is a gamechanger.

LucaNet Financial Intelligence for integrated financial planning, consolidation, corporate reporting and analysis. With LucaNet, we build a modern and effectively supporting finance and controlling environment for you in the shortest possible time. In addition, we also support you in managing the daily work in finance and controlling departments, if required.

Why are we at demps & partner relying on LucaNet for years?

  • Because transparency is the decisive basis for control
  • Easy implementation, because LucaNet is based on the existing accounting system without replacing it.
  • Medium-sized companies can leanly supplement their accounting-heavy finance department with reporting and analysis without having to drastically increase personnel costs
  • In special situations, it is possible to map consistent short-term planning and scenarios in an integrated manner and to make capital requirements and liquidity as well as potentials from measures recognizable.
  • Investors quickly gain transparency about the performance of their investment, including key figures, covenants and cash flow.
  • Startups can present their business start-up including scenario calculations in an uncomplicated way without having to maintain a large finance department.
  • Financing rounds can be clearly mapped and LucaNet grows along with the business development

Financial statement

Fast and error-free to the Fast Close


Transparent data for reliable planning


Achieving consistent reporting with financial intelligence

Data Management

The easy way to a uniform database

demps & partner services:

  • Digitalization and optimization of corporate management with integrated reporting and BI solutions in accounting & finance
  • Implementation and training of all LucaNet modules by our certified consultants
  • Outsourcing Services / Consolidation as a Service
  • First level support

LucaNet at a glance

Standard reports and interfaces

LucaNet is delivered with ready-to-use standard reports for all segments of company and group reporting (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, KPI, mirror, actual/plan, etc.) and has more than 80 interfaces to common upstream systems.

Automatic aggregation of the subplans

LucaNet supports integrated profit and loss, balance sheet and liquidity planning and automatically aggregates the individual sub-plans at cost center, company or segment level into an integrated plan (effects are immediately visible everywhere).

Accounting standards and currencies

In addition, all financial data can be presented according to different accounting standards (HGB, IFRS, BILMOG, etc.) or issued in different currencies.

Modular approach for solutions tailored to your needs

LucaNet is available with different solutions / modules and therefore allows ideal adaptation to actual needs and budget.


  • LucaNet.Financial Consolidation - software for legal and management consolidation
  • LucaNet.Planner - software for transparent planning and efficient controlling
  • LucaNet.Group Report - software for effective data collection and validation


  • LucaNet.Kommunal - software for audit-proof overall financial statements
  • LucaNet.E-Bilanz - software for secure creation and transmission of the e-balance sheet
  • LucaNet.Importer - software for fast data transfer
  • LucaNet.Equity - software for efficient investment controlling

Overview of LucaNet modules

Financial Consolidation


Group Report

Software for legal and management consolidation

Performance features

Consolidation & consolidated financial statement preparation on monthly, quarterly and annual level including: consolidated income statement, consolidated balance sheet, consolidated cash flow statement and notes to the financial statements

Parallel preparation of consolidated financial statements according to HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP, etc.

Mapping of any number of companies

Multi-level consolidation hierarchies (subgroups)

Mapping of all consolidation steps (capital, expense and income, debt consolidation, elimination of intercompany results)

Predefined reports and analyses

Management cockpit

Graphical comparisons and charts

Complete Excel integration

Software for transparent planning and efficient controlling

Performance features

Automatic rule-based derivation of integrated corporate planning (P&L, balance sheet, liquidity) from profit, investment and financing planning

Dynamic planning on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis

Sub-plans on cost center and/or cost unit leve

Planning periods of any length

Planning forms including business logic

Predefined reports and analyses

Management cockpit

Graphical comparisons and charts

Complete Excel integration

Software for effective data acquisition and validation

Performance features

Customized report structure

Decentralized data entry via the web

Intercompany reconciliation of balance or individual documents in transaction currency including clearing assistant

Automated validation of data for completeness and consistency

Possibility to define individual validation routines

Transparent display of process progress via status monitor

Monitoring of the release process

Documentation of content, processes and report structure

Export functions for further data processing

Automated transfer of data

Predefined reports and evaluations

Complete Excel integration

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