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Carl-Heinz Schütte, Partner & Supervisory Board

Carl-Heinz Schütte is a partner at demps & partner. The majority of his assignments are in the role of managing director, the sole shareholder’s representative, CRO, or CFO in mid-sized companies. These roles are based on policy decisions by the debt provider or recommendations and conditions set forth in the respective restructuring report (IDW S6). In many cases, Carl-Heinz Schütte is required not only to revitalize the company, but also to prevent imminent bankruptcy.

His experience of preparing restructuring reports, managing recapitalization and restructuring projects in Germany, Eastern Europe, and Mexico, of outsourcing projects, and M&A instructions reflects his qualification as a recapitalization and restructuring manager (Institute for Recapitalization and Restructuring – IfUS Heidelberg), which he acquired while working full time.

He originally trained as a bank clerk, is a certified banking specialist, and has a degree in Banking Administration. During his career, he has held senior roles in the corporate customer divisions of several banks.


  • Internationally acting CFO
  • Internationally acting CRO
  • Director Finance & Administration
  • Group Controller
  • International Project Manager
  • Member Supervisory Board

Additional Education & Special Competences:

  • Rating Analyst
  • Certified restructuring and turn around manager (IfUS/FH)
  • Rating Analyst (University Augsburg)
  • Equity – and Credit Management
  • Restructuring of international Organizations; M&A Transactions
  • Pre-Rating Advisory
  • Recovery Expert Report (IDW S6/IDW S9)
  • Investor- and Credit Relation Management

Key Career Milestones:

  • Nord LB
  • BHF Bank
  • BfG Bank
  • Rücker
  • HKR
  • Belte
  • demps & partner



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