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Shared commitment.

demps & partner is a partnership under German law (registered number PR756, Munich District Court (Amtsgericht München) and managed as such by its members. Our vibrant culture of discussion and debate is designed to help us excel, rather than settling for compromises. We are constantly focused on the needs of our clients and set the highest possible standards for ourselves. Within the firm, we use proven control instruments (steering mechanisms) to achieve the best possible procedural transparency, high-quality solutions, and absolute discretion in our implementation projects.

Our mantra: one partner, many experts

From the kick-off meeting to the closing dinner, one of our experienced partners will support you every step of the way. He or she will coordinate and oversee implementation of the strategy, measure the results, and continuously adjust our input based on predefined metrics. Your partner will also remain in direct contact with the executive we place in your organization. To help implement the solution developed specifically for your business, your partner can draw on interdisciplinary expertise from the House of CFO or the dp | Network.

A strong network for new perspectives.

At demps & partner, we’re always interested in adding new partners and managers. Organic growth is a defined strategic objective. As a first step, we invite you to join our broad-based, cross-sector network.

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