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We welcome the challenges others can’t crack.

The CFO role has been steadily evolving in recent years. As an increasingly central function, it now encompasses strategic responsibilities that affect every part of the business. In response to this development, the House of CFO supports CFOs with tailored, holistic solutions.

dp | House of CFO – how it works

First, we conduct a detailed Financial Excellence Review (FER) of your business. If a need for additional expertise becomes apparent when preparing the project plan, a CFO or CRO from demps & partner will bring in the relevant specialists from the House of CFO. Through our interdisciplinary team of experienced C-level professionals, you have fast access to specialist expertise covering finance, HR, and marketing & communications.

Finance: Our CEOs, CFOs & CROs

We offer a program for transformations developed for medium-sized businesses. No two transformation projects are alike, but the goals are the same: modernized process chains, use of efficiency tools, improved data quality.

At the beginning there is always the dp | Quick Check, which we call dp | FER - Financial Excellence Review. Starting from the financial area, the company is analyzed. Based on this data, a package of measures is proposed.

Since demps & partner always offers to implement the recommended measures together with the company, the project stages are designed in such a way that they can also be achieved quickly. Conservative, clear, successful.

Consolidation/​Integrated Planning

As a LucaNet Certified Partner, demps & partner supports you by using our state-of-the-art web-based consolidation and reporting system as well as by analyzing and defining consolidation and reporting processes.

Supply-Chain Management/Procurement

Our SCM experts will create a sustainable procurement strategy that eliminates hidden cost drivers and potential risks. If necessary, demps & partner can also implement the strategy for you. Our executives will work within your company, restructuring your procurement function and aligning it with your actual value chain. To do that, they examine a range of aspects, including tendering criteria for your products, your relationships with suppliers and customers, your QA standards, your purchasing conditions and their impact on your own services, your backup strategies for critical products, plus all your legal safeguards.

With Coupa, you gain visibility into the procurement process within weeks, independent of existing ERP systems. The cloud-based Business Spend Management (BSM) platform offers powerful solutions tailored to the needs of your business and user experiences like you know from amazon.

HR Tech

Startups in particular need guidelines for staff in the form of a company handbook. This should cover a range of topics, including your company’s vision, culture, and internal communication policy. The latter aspect is particularly important because seemingly minor errors in employee communication may lead to major problems as your business grows—problems that can often only be corrected at significant cost in terms of time, budgets, and working relationships.

Sales & Marketing

The decisive factor in all Mandates is communication. The clear explanation of the measures, the communication of the meaningfulness support to keep the respective project in time/cost frame. demps & partner compiles the briefing with the communication department of the enterprise for and with the management. Before the start of the project, the mediation begins and also includes the trade and public media.

To further pick up speed for the company in the transformation process, demps & partner offers to offensively support the sales & marketing team. The best reference for the right decisions of the management to go into a transformation project is growing sales. The dp|team Sales & Marketing trains the local team in the efficient application of the new processes.

Our solutions at a glance:




Our strengths and professional expertise lie in assuming the following tasks:

Cost reduction

Improved efficiency (operational excellence/financial excellence )programs



Recapitalization, including IDW S6 restructuring report if required

Plant closures

Outsourcing and relocation of operations and facilities

Shared service centers

Implementation of legal tech and digital HR management

Supportive marketing and communication measures

Typical tasks and areas of responsibility

Preparation of a financial fact book and analysis of historical results to identify weaknesses

Creating transparency through preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements

Creation of and/or performing of plausibility checks on (integrated) corporate planning, particularly related to capital and financing requirements

Risk analysis and preparation of a risk report

Pre-qualification and creation of a data room

Management and handling of the due diligence process

Performance of financial due diligence

Support when negotiating the purchase price and contract

M&A, carve-outs, spin-offs, MBOs, MBIs, PMI

Post-merger integration

Supportive communications and, if necessary, marketing activity plus brand building

dp | client and skill fit – a manager for every challenge

Turnarounds typically require a different type of manager than acquisitions, disposals, or PMI. There are also important differences between established management teams and startups. With dp | client and skill fit, we match your specific requirements to the hard and soft skillsets of our partners and managers. This creates a solid basis for the operational success of our collaboration before it even begins. While working with your company, we also support projects via internal and external steering.

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