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Martin Kunze, Authorized Officer/Chief Growth Officer

Martin Kunze is a partner at demps & partner. Prior to taking up this position, he ran various media businesses over a period of three decades, including being program director at Antenne Bayern and radio NRW, Germany’s largest privately owned radio stations.

In recent years, Martin Kunze has further developed his considerable expertise in channel marketing. On client projects, he is instrumental in planning new growth strategies.

After graduating high school, Martin Kunze trained under Helmut Markwort at Gong magazine. After moving to radio station Antenne Bayern, he spent several weeks each year for more than a decade interning with media companies in the US. He has also attended boot camps with major online marketers, worked with accenture digital, and completed the digital leadership course at the SGMI Institute of Management St. Gallen. Martin Kunze is guest lecturer in Prof. Dr. Christian Chlupsa's lecture on "Marketing/Communication 4.0" at FOM University Munich.


  • D-A-CH acting Chief Communications Officer
  • D-A-CH acting Chief Digital Officer
  • D-A-CH acting Chief Operating Officer
  • CEO - national
  • Director Marketing & Communications
  • Project Manager Digital Transformation Marketing & Communication

Additional Education & Special Competences:

  • Visiting Professor of Marketing & Communications at FOM University of Applied Sciences, Munich
  • Founder of regional aid organization Aktion Lichtblicke

Key Career Milestones:

  • Studio GONG
  • Antenne Bayern
  • radio NRW
  • demps & partner



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