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On a scale of 1 to 10: How confident were you about the last decision you made?

Ideally, reporting should be tailored to the needs of the recipient—be it a bank, an investor, or a manager. It should also provide the basis for executive summaries as well as comprehensive, detailed reports. The main purpose of a financial report is to serve as a solid foundation for future management decisions.

If we identify any issues here in terms of quality or process, we will take immediate corrective action. To help us do that, we also identify the information needs of all recipients. At the same time, we digitize processes to create long-term planning security—including covering impacts on the balance sheet and cash flow effects.

Make financial controlling scalable

With an integrated planning system, you no longer require permanent hires for the controller and CFO roles. Instead, you can access whatever financial expertise you need at any given time. Adopting this system will allow you to create transparency into your processes, improve the quality of your reporting documents, and accelerate the reporting process. Working with our certified LucaNet experts, you can significantly improve the decision base for your current financial processes and during consolidation periods.

Benefits of Consolidation and Integrated Planning:

  • Clear ongoing insight into all financial data
  • Quick and easy data access via data room
  • Better forecasting base due to transparent controlling processes
  • Reliable decision base thanks to high-quality reporting documents