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Streamline your legal management workflows.

Although essential to your business, legal management itself doesn’t add anything to your bottom line, despite often tying up valuable resources. By establishing lean, efficient legal processes, you can significantly reduce this burden. Our legal tech expertise provides the digital key to those savings. Specifically, demps & partner executives will identify potential for standardization, optimize your contract management activities, and thus boost the efficiency of your workflows.

More transparency, less risk

Using legal tech, you can manage standard legal processes in a data room. Having a central repository for legal documents not only creates clarity in your legal department in terms of deadlines and contract conditions, it also makes these documents available to other parts of your business, e.g., finance, controlling, and HR. As a digital interface between departments, our solution improves your risk management and serves as an innovative synergy driver.

In addition, the system on which our solution is based can be extended to cover all document management tasks within your organization. This solution is thus also of interest if you don’t have an in-house legal department. Nonetheless, legal management remains an executive responsibility that cannot be simply delegated.

dp | Legal Tech – benefits:

  • Multiple departments can access legal documents
  • Improved data quality
  • Lower legal costs
  • Optimization of processes, intellectual property rights, and portfolio management
  • Standardized process for managing compliance and new legal requirements
  • Repository expandable to transaction data room by granting external rights